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discover how you can overcome the challenges of ineffective onboarding process in your business

This Free IT Strategy Guidebook digs deeper into the common onboarding challenges facing small and medium businesses, and how agendisHR can help you create an effective onboarding journey for your next new hires.

We’ll work with you to develop a pragmatic strategy to solve your specific challenges

We will take a holistic view of your company and build a customised action plan.

Automatic receipt and lodgement of signed documents.

Automatic receipt and lodgement of signed documents.

Automatic receipt and lodgement of signed documents.

Automatic receipt and lodgement of signed documents.

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Introducing agendisHR

People Management & Onboarding Made Simple

agendisHR simplifies the onboarding process. Its built-in automation reduces the impact on small, busy HR teams. Its integration with SharePoint ensures compliance with formal document management requirements.

Reminders reduce the propensity for details to be missed and ensure that new hires have their first probationary period meeting set.

agendisHR will help you establish an effective, compliant onboarding process. It will help you make a good initial impression and increase productivity for new starters.

AgendisHR Laptop Integration With Other Apps



agendisHR replaces spreadsheets, consolidates documents and provides detailed insights saving your team hours of admin.

Easy to use

agendisHR has an intuitive user interface making it easy for people of all skill levels to learn and use.

Automates Manual Processes

Automates initial data collection, the generation of contract documents, reminders and the digital signing process.

Saves Time

Reduces the delays associated with generating, sending and receiving signed contracts, certificates & licences.

Easy Report Generation

Real-time reports and Dashboards makes it easy to track all onboarding activities across your HR team.

Automated Emails & Reminders

Automatically emails New Hire forms, contracts, policies as well as Licence & Probationary period expiry reminders.


Drastically reduces the time required to onboard new people. It also helps HR teams collaborate effectively.

Data Sovereignty

agendisHR is deployed to your Microsoft 365 tenant removing any data sovereignty concerns.

Your Docs & Data, Your Control

agendisHR stores all your documents and data in YOUR SharePoint giving you total control and ownership of your data.

Do more with Microsoft365

agendisHR is built and integrated with the Microsoft365 platform meaning you can leverage your existing MIcrosoft licences.

agendisHR integrates seamlessly with Xero payroll.

This removes the need to re-key payroll information, reduces the opportunity for errors and saves a significant amount of time. 


Automatic creation and delivery of documents for e-signing.