Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Main Features of the Agendis: OnboardHQ App?

User registration and account creation

Allows HR Personnel/HR Managers to create an account and provide information such as name, email, Hire Date, and Start Date.

Personalized onboarding flow

Offers a personalized and step-by-step experience for new hires, covering all the important aspects of the app.

Document management:

Allows HR Personnel/HR Managers to upload and manage important documents, such as contracts, resumes, identification, and other certifications.


Helps new hires understand and adhere to company policies, procedures, and regulations through engaging document fulfillment, automated new hire follow ups, and HR push notifications.

Progress tracking

Tracks the progress of the onboarding process and allows HR Personnel/HR Managers to view new hires’ progress and what’s next.

Reporting and analytics

Provides insight into the onboarding process and usage, including metrics on time to complete and user engagement.