Frequently Asked Questions

Emails and Notifications

During the onboarding process, emails with instructions and next steps will be sent to both the new hire and the HR Manager or HR Personnel in charge.

New Hire:

Onboarding Form

This is the first email the new hire will receive. It has the unique code and link to the Onboarding Application Form to complete the personal details required.  

Documents for Signature

this is the email notification with the attached document required to sign by the new hire. 

Soft Copies of Signed Documents

this is an email sent to the new hire once documents for signing is completed.

Welcome Email

This is the official welcome email from the company. It has instructions on what the next steps would be for the new hire.

Performance Review Reminder

The app will send a notification to the new hire to remind the upcoming performance review before the probation period ends. 

HR Manager and Approver

Onboarding Form Response

This is an email notification to the recruit member once the Onboardee completes the form sent via email.

Signed Document Notification

Email notification to the recruitment member once the new hire sends back the document with signature 

New Hire Reminder

This is an email notification for the HR Personnel, each team member will receive notifications on the new hire assigned to them that is nearing start date and the tasks they need to complete.

Offer Letter Document Review

This is an email notification sent to the approver that an offer letter requires their review. Since the document review is a process, this also includes:

Rejection Notification

The HR personnel in charge or assigned to the new hire will receive this notification if the approver/CEO/HR Head rejects the offer letter or recommends changes to the offer letter. 

Approval Notification

The HR Personnel in charge or assigned to the new hire will receive this notification if the approver/CEO/Head approves the offer letter and has sent the letter to the new hire.